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VezTek helps organizations draw their mobile strategy and road-maps for developing and launching mobile apps and games; as well as devising a strategic marketing and sales plan to launch a successful app startup. Read more…
  • Top 5 Apps Every Business Professional Needs
  • Every business professional is constantly looking for the best ways to streamline their online marketing efforts. With iPhone, Android, and other smartphone users receiving more than 20,000 new apps each month, it’s difficult to navigate through them to simplify commerce, … Continue reading

  • Lesser Known iPhone Apps Which Can Set Ablaze The App World
  • The burgeoning collection of apps in Apple’s app store is a major contributor to the phenomenal success of the iPhone in every nook and cranny of the world. With the Apple app store all set to breach the magical one … Continue reading

  • Using QR Codes to your Business’s Advantage
  • You’ve probably seen them in hundreds of places. They look like little boxes with smaller black and white boxes, dots and strange designs inside. Welcome to the 21st century. These are called QR Codes, and they’re the latest version of … Continue reading

  • Why You Should Be Using a Business Card Reader App
  • There are many industries throughout the global and business community that utilize the latest technology. This use of technology enables businesses and large corporations to gain higher profits and be more productive. Technology also makes it easier for businesses to … Continue reading

  • Keys to Effective Mobile Marketing
  • When you are a small business owner, there are many marketing tools that will be necessary for your success. It is important that you identify the low hanging fruit for your marketing campaigns and take advantage of them as quickly … Continue reading

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