The Coolest Home Security Capabilities on Your Smartphone (that You Never Knew About)

Whether you use a home security system to keep an eye on your home while away, or just for better peace of mind about the safety of your family, there are a lot of cool programs and applications that allow you to control your system using your smartphone. If you have an advanced security system, the technician who installed the system likely showed you how to turn the system on and off using your phone, or how to monitor the house when you are gone. However, these are only the basics when it comes to home security smartphone capabilities. Take a look at the following features that allow better control of your security system using your phone that you might not have heard of yet:

Motion Detectors

Forget the days of old motion detectors and false alarms. Companies like Presence now offer an app that turns your smartphone into a motion detector receptor. You need to install cameras in your home, but once they are installed, you can sit back and let the app do all the work for you. Once the cameras detect motion, the app sends you a video, so you can see for yourself if there is a real threat in your home—or if it’s just the neighbors’ cat again.

Climate and Weather Detection

In case motion detectors aren’t enough to get your gadget envy fired up, check out Canary’s innovative security system that comes with climate sensors. Protect your antique furniture and fine art with an app that lets you know when the temperature or climate changes in your home. You can track motion, sound, activity and even temperature and air quality. Once you have Canary’s security device ($149), you can download the free app and start monitoring your home right from your smartphone. The security device even comes with an HD camera that has night vision for after-hours monitoring.

Video Streaming and Sound

Monitor your home from your smartphone or tablet with video and sound. All you need to access great features from Dropcam is a camera ($149) and their free app. Simply install the camera in your home, and get live video feed directly to your smartphone or tablet. You can even save the video to watch it later or use it as evidence against a home invader. You can even broadcast sound into your house by speaking into your phone. This is especially helpful for scaring burglars away or convincing your dog to get off the sofa. You can even use the digital zoom to get a better look at certain areas and share your video stream with other devices and family members.

Alerts via Message

Find out if there is an invader in your home through a simple text message. After installing an iSmartAlarm camera ($79), simply download the free app and begin using. If the camera detects motion, it will send you a screen shot of your home through a simple text message. You can even have email or phone alerts set up. You can even control the camera’s movement by swiping the screen. If an invader is in your house, you can call the police; if there’s no threat to your home or your family, you can simply ignore the alert.

As you can see, there’s much more to your home security system than just turning it on. If you truly want to know what is going on in your home and keep an eye on things, consider utilizing the amazing features available on your smartphone. The information for this article was provided by Arpel Security Systems, a Vancouver security company that offers residential and commercial security services.
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Apps against Drunk Driving: Five Apps that Are Aiming to Prevent Drunk Driving

While we often think of technology as something that contributes to collisions on the road, there are many new advancements that are helping to keep drivers safe. When it comes to drunk driving, technology is aiming to further decrease potentially fatal mistakes. With a host of apps either out or in production to deter drunks from getting behind the wheel, we may very well see a drop in drunk driving collisions and fatalities.


Funded by the state of Maryland and its police officials, ENDUI, or End DUI, is a toolkit designed to prevent drunk driving. Amongst features that include reporting drunk drivers, getting in touch with designated drivers, and calling a cab, the system can determine your blood alcohol level based on what you’ve had to drink through the course of the night. It is a free app that can be downloaded through Google Play and iTunes.


Yet another Google Play and iTunes app, Breathometer comes to us from the developer of the same name. It works by turning your phone into a breathalyzer to determine if you’re sober enough to drive in addition to giving you an estimate of how long it will take to get back to a BAC of zero. Other features include a way to contact a cab and nearby places to stay the night.


BACtrack by KHN Solutions is a Google Play and iTunes app available for download free of charge. Like Breathometer, its entire purpose is built around transforming your smartphone into a portable breathalyzer. Initially, that’s all it did, but subsequent patches have added push notifications and taxi support.

Last Call

Made by Avvo, Last Call is a free app only available through iTunes. To use, you simply enter in how much you’ve been drinking since the festivities started. It uses that to then calculate your blood alcohol level. Because Avvo is a legal company, there is even a tab that lists DUI lawyers in your area as a reminder that getting behind the wheel drunk is the last thing you want to do.


Another state project, R-U-Buzzed is a Colorado app partnered with local taxi services to minimize drinking and driving. Like Last Call, it calculates your BAC based on the timeline and drinks you have entered. If you’re anything but sober, it will inform you to call a cab. The app is available on both iTunes and Google Play.

Though the mobile apps can’t physically stop a drunk driver from getting behind the wheel, they provide helpful tools for prevention. Hopefully, we will see a drop in the number of drunk drivers, accidents, and fatalities as a result of these apps. The information for this article was provided by Rod Gregory, a DUI lawyer in Edmonton.  To discuss your app, against drunk driving, contact VezTek USA a mobile app development company in Los Angeles. Please leave your comments below, we love to hear from our valued readers.


Finding Good mobile app development companies in Los Angeles

Written by Amanda Brown of

A tiny pool of experienced and reliable mobile app development companies in Los Angeles makes it next to impossible for a common web surfer to find a suitable app development company. Finding an app developer in Los Angeles with an ability and willingness to work on complex projects within the constraints of time and budget can be achieved by following these simple steps. After having served the mobile app development industry in LA for the last several years, here at VezTek USA we have identified some of the best practices that help ensure successful mobility projects.

The App Idea

Among all the questions that we receive, 6 out of 10 messages start with “I Have an Idea for a Killer App”. So, the first step is to think about what you want to develop. Working on refining your idea, even before searching for a mobile app developer, is important. Some areas that might need attention are,

  • App Description
  • Core Function of the App
  • How it will make money (monetization)
  • Type of App
  • Maximum budget

Due Diligence

After identifying the opportunities and strengths of your idea, do a quick research on internet. Several unrelated research studies indicate that companies with high search results on major search engines are not always as good for the quality or delivery of their service. We recommend short listing about five vendors after searching mobile app development companies in Los Angeles with different search terms. The next step is to search for online client reviews for these shortlisted companies, to see what does their former clients and the industry say about them. Try to review their previous work; look closely, or directly ask, for examples of similar projects if available.

The Engagement

The next step is to make the first contact with the short listed companies. An important distinction to be made in phase is between the transactional vendors and the ones looking to develop longer term relationships by providing top notch service. Cost, while is a crucial consideration, should never be the primary decisive criterion.
Once you have identified the best app development company in Los Angeles, the next step is to draw a comprehensive legal agreement encompassing ownership, price & Payment method, and future promotion and updating.
We hope the road map laid out in this article helps you find the best app development company in Los Angeles. Please feel free to ask questions or add in the comments sections any advice you might have for the fellow app inventors. If you believe you have an amazing app idea but don’t know where to begin, give us a call. We’d love to hear from you.



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Careful planning is key to leveraging mobile technologies for turning an FBO into a high performance business. VezTek USA plans to announce a comprehensive set of initiatives aimed at helping FBOs seamlessly integrate mobile and web applications in their marketing and business operations.” – said Sani Abdul-Jabbar, managing director. VezTek’s six person team will present hands on demonstration of its FBO-focused mobile and web solutions featuring Monterey Jet Center and other FBOs.

NBAA2014 pre-show events begin this weekend and the exhibit halls open at 10 a.m. on Tuesday, immediately following the opening-day general session at 8:30 a.m. in the south hall. Meanwhile, some 100 aircraft will be at the static display hosted by Showalter Aviation at Orlando Executive Airport, with the Bombardier Learjet 85, production-interior-outfitted Cessna Citation Latitude and Embraer Legacy 450 making their debut.

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Top 10 Tips in Marketing Mobile Applications

It is far from enough to simply develop a mobile app – promoting mobile applications is also very important and it makes a great deal  if the app is developed by a best mobile app developer. The simplest way to market your application is to go to an App Store and including your application therein. However, there is a hitch there.

There are just about 1,500,000 apps available in the market and still counting. How will you go about making sure that the app you developed gets the interest it deserves? How will you turn the spotlight on your software and get people to go crazy about your hard work? As soon as you have finished creating your wonderful app, how will you go about having people spreading the word and buy it? Here are our top 10 tips in marketing your mobile applications.

1. Be Original

Originality is often an advantage. You have a very slim potential for success If you can’t be truly original. Thus you have to do any of the following: Be the very first developer to develop your kind of app or produce an existing class of app in a different, unique way

Incorporating that one of a kind feature will instantly push consumer’s awareness of it. It will help propel your popularity in any of the app stores.

2. Prepare your Strategy

Practically nothing works without having proper preparation and execution. So go about promoting your app in a much systematized way.

3. Generate an efficient Sales Pitch

Before you start referring people to your app, you have to create a powerful marketing presentation for it. You need to plan a sales hype that sounds interesting enough for people to check out through to another step.

4. Create your own Website

Creating a great web page goes far in successfully marketing your app. Think of exceptional strategies and offer your app in a manner that will get more guests to your site. Present the app doing its thing as well as include a human ingredient. Tell people why and how they will gain from purchasing your app. Your site will then work like your very best marketing tool.

5. Tweet Away

Be available on Twitter. This really is one platform that will get you plenty of interest, all free of charge. You ought to get people to speak about your app. So produce the necessary publicity by tweeting regarding it as frequently as you possibly can and in as plenty of different ways when you can.

6. Talk Easy

Getting noticed via Social websites is about conversational, being easy and friendly. Visualize that everyone using social websites as your friends. Initiate discussions with them just like you would, with all your friends.

7. Get Blogging

Create a good blog and produce content on a regular basis. Recognize that the blogosphere and social websites resemble Siamese twins. They usually go hand-in-hand. Technology  and review sites/blogs are very valuable in generating traffic as well, so do make an attempt to get your app showcased on these blogs.

8. Generate Media Buzz

Generate a nice media presentation to market your app. It is obviously important to produce a special product, however it is also essential to produce media buzz about it.

Create a openly downloadable news release of your app, providing viewers some high resolution sights of the app. Furthermore, make generous use of marketing keys and free gifts. Provide a product-related competition and give out relevant rewards to winners.

Ask most respected blogs to send out your promotional keys at no cost. Attempt to find category-specific sites and you’ll instantly have the capacity to approach targeted customers, without exerting extra effort.

9. Mess around with Teasers

Start your app hype in the morning. Keep prospective customers on tenterhooks by messing around with teasers concerning your app. Come-up with certain mystery around your app and possibly also a “Coming Soon” webpage and move it around to have a nice big subscriber list for your site. Making a video teaser will work effectively too. This can generate additional buzz for your product, before its actual release.

10. Launch Big

All of the hype you have generated for your app should be accompanied with a similarly big launch. Distribute newsletters to everybody and hit social websites big time. Have an internet affair of your app launch and have the media channels to cover it. Be sure that the limelight is on your app all the time. If you are able to make it to the “What’s Hot” portion of App Stores, you’ve truly achieved your mission. A thing of caution – as soon as you start to do well, tone down the buzz and focus on providing good product to your consumers, or else all of the efforts you had taken thus far will fail.

The AUTHOR is a mobile app builder. He loves to share mobile applications to all mobile app lovers all over the internet. He is also a contributing writer to essayjedi


Apple’s iOS 8; what mobile app developers need to know

Apple’s flagship mobile operating system has been stuffed with many perks and advantages; some of which will be targeted directly to smartphone users and mobile app developers. Since it has always been common for newer releases of operating systems and gadgets to possess features and options that place it in a stratum that is higher than its predecessors, here are a few things that iPhone app developers in Los Angeles or anywhere in US should know about concerning Apple’s latest operating system.

Additional features removes limitations for developers

The unveiling of the iOS 7 was expected to give additional room to breathe for app developers, especially those who were residing in the geographical boundaries of Los Angeles. The iOS 8 has had those limitations removed, and added a certain number of improvements. In terms of integration, basic applications such as health monitoring apps and others, which would have been difficult to be made compatible with the iOS 7, the iOS 8 possesses greater integration control. This integration control will allow iPhone app developers to enter in a ‘free flow’ mode, allowing them to augment the application by adding several other optimizations and features that will cater to the app user quite nicely. When referring to which devices will gain compatibility with these features; Apple’s current flagship smartphone, the iPhone 5S has been granted compatibility, along with lesser performing models and tablets. However, in order to make these features go in their favor, Apple app developers are going to have to edify themselves on the key differences between the iOS 7 and the iOS 8.

A whole new platform for developers to work on

The flexibility offered by these mobile operating systems is not going to be the only thing that will change the developing platform. Several elements, such as the C programming language used by these app developers in order to construct apps, will have a new makeover. Instead of a platform that would end up making the developing process a tedious one for developers, a new form of language will be given breath thanks to the iOS 8 operating system; one that will make the environment of iPhone app development a smooth and interactive one for developers. Other changes will include modicum ones like notification alerts along with other security measures for development. These additional features will ease the workload of app developers as well as reduce the time needed for application commitment on the app store.

Apps will become a whole lot smarter

Thanks to the iOS 8, upcoming gadgets belonging to Apple as well as their respective apps are going to get a lot smarter. The level of feasibility granted by the iOS 8 will allow thousands of app developers, including those currently present in Los Angeles to reach out beyond the boundaries of the user’s perspective. The user interface upgrade for the developers will not be as demanding as it was when the iOS 7 operating system was still in action. In this way, developers will not have their hands and imaginations restrained as they will be able to bring out several different supplementations to apps and other features. One example that can be sprouted up is the upgrading of the on screen keyboard. Features similar to the swipe keyboard currently present on the Android operating system will be implemented to the iOS 8 and change the way the users interact through messaging, web browsing and of course social networking.

The iOS 8 is equipped with an abounding number of APIs that will allow mobile app consultant in Los Angeles to assimilate the mobile device and apps with new features. With the iOS 8, the developing work for app developers in Los Angeles just got a whole lot better.


How to choose the best mobile app development platform

As of June 2014, Apple’s AppStore is playing host to 1.2 million apps while its closest adversary the Google PlayStore, has nearly a million apps in its entire database. With different platforms sprouting up rapidly to support the growth of apps, ranging from the Amazon AppStore to countless others, there is not going to be a shortage of apps or platforms.

However, the abounding number of apps also means that several different organizations are scattered in Los Angeles and in every corner of the planet, looking for app development platforms in an attempt to make themselves more notorious to make as much profit as possible. In a nutshell, mobile app development is the process by how application software (or apps for short) is developed for different mobile devices, such as smartphones or tablets. Since the way mobile devices are being used has changed over the years (and still growing), the app development platform environment has grown exponentially as well. Furthermore, this platform has evolved in such a way that these mobile apps have an integrated development environment. This particular environment will grant all developers, including those present in Los Angeles to develop apps that are catered for a specific audience.

How to choose the best mobile app development platform?

Unfortunately, the answer, for both app developers and companies; is not going to be an easy one. This is because there are several variables that are going to be inserted in to the equation. One of those variables is: ‘Should that mobile app development platform be native or cross-platform?’ To understand the difference between native or cross-platform; a native mobile app is an app that is created using the manufacturer’s device or operating system and only runs on a single platform. While several apps out there tend to be cross-platform; or compatible to run on all platforms, most app developers tend to create apps for a single platform for the sake of exclusivity. What that means is that to trigger additional sales of the particular device running that platform, apps are created on a single platform.

Cross-platform mobile apps are developed using a single code base that can run on multiple platforms. Developing cross-platform mobile apps are great in a situation when a company wants to get as many eyes as possible on a product or service that it is providing. However, at the same time, that mobile app will require twice the amount of effort to be put in because the iOS and Android operating system are very different in terms of aesthetics, functionality and performance and will require different levels of coding to make sure that they are optimized on both operating systems. However, this does not in any way negate the use of a single platform app. As long as you are getting the right amount of eyes and momentum from your apps, there is no reason why mobile app developers should not develop apps on single platforms.

Key points to help you decide on a suitable mobile platform

Given below are some pointers that will help you come to your decision at relative ease:

1. What platform is majority of your target audience using?
2. Do you see higher engagement from iOS or Android?
3. Are both platforms offering a high level of engagement?
4. What kind of platforms is more acclimatized to using?
5. How do you plan to monetize?

If you do plan on monetizing, then how do you propose to do it on each platform, considering your app is going to be cross-platform?

The aforementioned pointers and the rest of the information are some of the ways in which you can properly target your audience, increase your user, monetize through your app and open up another orifice of revenue. However, countless research will always be required on your part in order for this to succeed. Click here for more information about all kind of mobile app development issues.

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