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Whether you use a home security system to keep an eye on your home while away, or just for better peace of mind about the safety of your family, there are a lot of cool programs and applications that allow you to control your system using your smartphone. If you have an advanced security system, the technician who installed the system likely showed you how to turn the system on and off using your phone, or how to monitor the house when you are gone. However, these are only the basics when it comes to home security smartphone capabilities. Take a look at the following features that allow better control of your security system using your phone that you might not have heard of yet:

Motion Detectors

Forget the days of old motion detectors and false alarms. Companies like Presence now offer an app that turns your smartphone into a motion detector receptor. You need to install cameras in your home, but once they are installed, you can sit back and let the app do all the work for you. Once the cameras detect motion, the app sends you a video, so you can see for yourself if there is a real threat in your home—or if it’s just the neighbors’ cat again.

Climate and Weather Detection

In case motion detectors aren’t enough to get your gadget envy fired up, check out Canary’s innovative security system that comes with climate sensors. Protect your antique furniture and fine art with an app that lets you know when the temperature or climate changes in your home. You can track motion, sound, activity and even temperature and air quality. Once you have Canary’s security device ($149), you can download the free app and start monitoring your home right from your smartphone. The security device even comes with an HD camera that has night vision for after-hours monitoring.

Video Streaming and Sound

Monitor your home from your smartphone or tablet with video and sound. All you need to access great features from Dropcam is a camera ($149) and their free app. Simply install the camera in your home, and get live video feed directly to your smartphone or tablet. You can even save the video to watch it later or use it as evidence against a home invader. You can even broadcast sound into your house by speaking into your phone. This is especially helpful for scaring burglars away or convincing your dog to get off the sofa. You can even use the digital zoom to get a better look at certain areas and share your video stream with other devices and family members.

Alerts via Message

Find out if there is an invader in your home through a simple text message. After installing an iSmartAlarm camera ($79), simply download the free app and begin using. If the camera detects motion, it will send you a screen shot of your home through a simple text message. You can even have email or phone alerts set up. You can even control the camera’s movement by swiping the screen. If an invader is in your house, you can call the police; if there’s no threat to your home or your family, you can simply ignore the alert.

As you can see, there’s much more to your home security system than just turning it on. If you truly want to know what is going on in your home and keep an eye on things, consider utilizing the amazing features available on your smartphone. The information for this article was provided by Arpel Security Systems, a Vancouver security company that offers residential and commercial security services.
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