Don’t Build It, Fake It First – Prototyping for Mobile Apps!

Prototyping is the act of creating a model of a mobile application so that it can be tested by users before you expend valuable development time on creating the fully scaled app.


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Our app prototyping process is designed to capture all functional & technical details of your mobile app idea. At the end of this phase you'll have a compelling visual prototype of your app that enables you to effectively communicate your value proposition to stakeholders.







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Prototyping Team

Diana Sal

Our UI & UX designers partner with our iOS & Android developers to create prototypes at the intersection of functionality, usability, and iOS / Android User Guides !

Dominic Anders

Andrew Stone

Reed Banshee

“ VezTek prototyping allows us to visualize our app ideas before a single line of code was written ... "

Alfred M | President, Mann Consulting

Successful App Startups Prototype!

The design phase for mobile applications should include a prototyping stage. It is at this point that users can “play” with your ideas and concepts and give you valuable feedback that shapes the final designs before you begin development. This can save time and money in development and create products that offer significantly better user experiences than ones that move from concept to production with no evaluative stages in between.

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